General questions

Common questions

What is iwarePRINT system and for whom is it dedicated?

iwarePRINT is a web-to-print IT solution allowing online sales of products offered by the printery and connected to a system of its work management.

How long is the free trial period?

The free version service is set for 30 days. This time is to start and become familiar with the service, for adjusting and introducing new products, implementing content, own graphics, linking couriers and online payments. After 30 days a fee is charged for selected modules.

How long does it take to start the printery?

Starting the printery itself takes less than 2 minutes. What is the printshop’s startup process? Setup time for your own needs depends on individual preferences.

Do I need to sign long-term contracts when deciding to cooperate with the system?

We do not tie the customer into long-term contracts. We cooperate on the basis of invoices in the system for the service of its use – according to the modules you have chosen.

How am I charged for using the system?

Settlement of services is made by way of automatically issued invoices (payment is made in advance for the reference period).

What is the SSL certificate used for?

It is a network protocol used for secure Internet connections. It was admitted as an encryption standard on Web pages. An SSL certificate ensures the confidentiality of data transmitted over the Internet. Having it raises the credibility of your site and increases confidence and sense of security of your customers.

Do you have examples of the store’s Regulations?

No. Regulations are an internal matter of the service user. We recommend using the services of law firms.

What types of prints is the iwarePRINT system suitable for?

The iwarePRINT system provides complete adaptability to any type of printing, ie. digital, offset, large format printing, 3D printing. It is a matter of suitable configuration.

What are the main benefits of the system to my employee?

The system helps to organize the work of the employee in the printing, and thus make it more efficient and convenient. Your employee, depending on the position and the access rights, has insight from one place eg. in graphic design, technological cards (ie. a document circulating in the printing, pinned to a specific product) graphics, invoices, waybills, the queue of orders to handle. You can assign different employees to different tasks and assignments. There is full freedom of configuration.

I am the printery owner. Can I see all my printery’s activity?

After logging in to the system from any place on earth (wherever there is access to the Internet) you have full insight into execution of current orders. Preview of the printery’s occupancy, workstations and system warnings, allowing to detect troublesome situations eg. delays. The system knows what is happening in the printer and responds to your problems.

Where can I find video tutorials about iwarePRINT system?

Videos divided into categories are available from the top menu on our blog. What’s more, you can find them in hints to the questions from the system level (How to send a question using ticket tracking?) and after clicking on a question mark icon in each of the system’s tabs.

What are the benefits of the system for my printery’s client?

iwarePRINT allows the client an immediate calculation of the costs of the order and delivery, as well as buying a product in which he’s interested on the Internet 24 hours a day. Each client, after logging in to the system, has access to an individual client’s panel where he can track the stages of the ordered products. He has insight into the orders’ history, for example, he can instruct reprinting taking into account the current price list. iwarePRINT also allows the client to access a 2D prints’ wizard, an automatic generation of templates or an automatic preflight – he does not have to wait for a graphic’s assessment of the files.

Do I have access in iwarePRINT to a sales’ detailed analysis?

Yes. You have access to advanced sales data, such as the most frequently purchased products, most viewed products, most often buying client, monthly amount of orders, sales.

Can I connect other analytical systems in iwarePRINT?

Yes. You have the option of connecting analytical systems such as Google Analytics.

How can I change the printery’s language?

Language translation of the main printery is available in the menu: Settings → Main printery → translation.
After building the dictionary it is best to export it to a CSV file using the available button. After translating the phrases, the dictionary must be imported. The translation will replace the current language of the printer.

Is the free trial version of iwarePRINT different from the paid?

The trial version and the paid version is the same system. The only difference is the ability to connect an external FTP server after paying the first invoice.

Are the data entered during the tests transferred to the paid version?

Yes – the paid version is a continuation of the trial version. All data, including: products, graphics, template changes, orders, etc. will be present after paying for the system.

Domain – how does the configuration process look like?

You can change the website domain address to the target one (the one under which the system will be available) at any time. We recommend, however, during the implementation period to work on a subdomain
Path of action: The customer sets the record A in the domain – at your domain provider (eg. or – record A for iwarePRINT:
The client adds a domain to the system. Remember to do this in two ways:,